Ideas coming to life... Handmade Silver Rings

laboratory handmade silver rings

"My style has developed over time and I’m not really a traditional designer. I create silver rings that I want to wear myself and a lot of my designs have developed out of experiments. I love the process of making and sometimes when I’m trying to achieve one thing, something else emerges”


Why fear of a potential adventure, though unknown and far from the current reality?

The courage to do your "trip" draws a dimension that many will never be able to define with audible words. The journey is not the physical movement, but everything that is involved.

And not 'the absence of alternatives to move the desire but on the contrary, the alternatives (often little stimulants), are scanzate in favor of the unknown dimension that is preferred in universal manner. Not many people are taking this direction, because the comfort of what you know can be intrusive, but these are the...